Email :
Phone : 02-33664777;02-33669767
Education:Ph.D. in Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo, Japan
Fields of Research:Comparative Literature between Taiwan and Japan, Literature in Japanese Colonial Taiwan, Cultural Interactions in East Asia, Literary History of Taiwan
Courses for Current Semester:Selected Readings in Modern Taiwanese Fictions, Literary Criticism in Taiwan Literature in Japanese Colonial Period and Research Methodology


Email :
Phone : 02-33669765
Education:Ph.D. in Chinese literature, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Fields of Research

Courses for Current Semester:Topics in Literary History of Taiwan (II), Archipelago Literature of Taiwan: Formosa, Kinmen, Penghu and others, Special Topic: Sinophone Studies and Taiwan Literature

Email :
Phone : 02-33664785
Education:Ph.D. in Sociology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Fields of Research:Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Sociology of Literature, Creative Nonfiction

Courses for Current Semester:Seminar on Cultural Theory 

Email :
Phone : 02-33664783
Education:Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies, University of California at Los Angeles, USA.
Fields of Research:Theater and performance, critical theories, queer studies
Courses for Current Semester:Seminar in Taiwanese Queer Theater, Exploring Taiwan: Theatre, Community and Art 

Email :
Phone : 02-33669969
Education:Ph.D. in Taiwanese literature, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Fields of Research:Reculturation of Taiwan Literature, Literary Fields in Postwar Taiwan, Studies of Literary Periodicals in Martial-Law Taiwan, “Realist” fiction in Taiwan
Courses for Current Semester:Literary Studies and Creative Writing, Selected Readings of Postwar Taiwan Fiction, Seminar: Literature and Cultural Criticism in Postwar Taiwan

Phone : 02-33669596
Education:Ph.D. in English and American Literatures, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Fields of Research:Joyce Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Monster Studies
Courses for Current Semester:Introduction to Monster Theory 

Email :
Phone : 02-33664784
Education:Ph.D. in Chinese literature, National Central University, Taiwan
Fields of Research:Literature and Religion, Literature and History, Local Writing, Reportage
Courses for Current Semester:Historical Materials and Fictional Narratives