Email :
Phone : 02-33664777;02-33669767
Education:Ph.D. in Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo, Japan
Fields of Research:Comparative Literature between Taiwan and Japan, Literature in Japanese Colonial Taiwan, Cultural Interactions in East Asia, Literary History of Taiwan
Courses for Current Semester:Topics on the History of Taiwan Literature (Ⅰ)(1), Selected Readings in Modern Taiwanese Novels


Email :
Phone : 02-33669765
Education:Ph.D. in Chinese literature, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Fields of Research:Taiwan Classical Literature, Taiwan Popular literature, Modern Taiwan Literature, Literary History of Taiwan, Historical Materials on Taiwan Literature, Sinitic Literature in Japanese Colonial Taiwan, Literary Relations between Taiwan and East Asia

Courses for Current Semester:The Island literature of Taiwan: Formosa, Kinmen, Penghu and other islands, Selected Readings in Taiwan Classic Literature II

Email :
Phone : 02-33664785
Education:Ph.D. in Sociology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Fields of Research:Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Sociology of Literature, Creative Nonfiction

Courses for Current Semester:Theories and Methods of Literary Study

Email :
Phone : 02-33664783
Education:Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies, University of California at Los Angeles, USA.
Fields of Research:Theater and performance, critical theories, queer studies
Courses for Current Semester:Themed Discussion, Special Topics on Subjectivities Theory and Research Essay Writing Methods

Email :
Phone : 02-33669969
Education:Ph.D. in Taiwanese literature, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Fields of Research:Reculturation of Taiwan Literature, Literary Fields in Postwar Taiwan, Studies of Literary Periodicals in Martial-Law Taiwan, “Realist” fiction in Taiwan
Courses for Current Semester:Research Material and Historical Documents for Taiwan Literature, Taiwan Literature and Cultural Criticism in Postwar Taiwan

Email :
Phone : 02-33665896
Education:Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Oregon, USA.
Fields of Research:Contemporary Taiwan literature and film, documentary, migration studies, women studies
Courses for Current Semester:Seminar on Contemporary Taiwan Cinema, Introduction to Taiwan Literature and Culture


Email :
Phone : 02-33664784
Education:Ph.D. in Chinese literature, National Central University, Taiwan
Fields of Research:Literature and Religion, Literature and History, Local Writing, Reportage
Courses for Current Semester:Historical materials and Fictional Narratives, Selected Readings of Taiwan Religious Literature