NTU Studies in Taiwan Literature

This journal is edited and issued by the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at the National Taiwan University. We welcome research articles and book reviews that work on Taiwan literature, languages, and culture and publish our journal semiannually in February and in August. There is no designated submission period, i.e. manuscripts are reviewed as they are submitted, and we welcome papers both by foreign and Taiwanese authors.

Advisory Board:

Wang David Der-Wei (王德威), Tu Kuo-Ching (杜國清), Shi Shu (施淑), Ko Ching-Ming (柯慶明), Mei Jia-Ling (梅家玲), Fuji Shozo (藤井省三)

Editorial Board:

Lin Fang-Mei (林芳玫), Horng Shu-Ling (洪淑苓), Chen Pei-Feng (陳培豐), Chen Pei-Zhen (陳佩甄), You Sheng-Guan (游勝冠), Cheng Fan-Ting (鄭芳婷), Liao Yung-Chao (廖勇超), Liu Zheng-Zhong (劉正忠)


Chang Wen-Hsun (張文薰)

English Editor:

Cheng Fan-Ting (鄭芳婷)

Editorial Assistant:

Chao Yung-Hsuan (趙詠萱)


Shi Jing-Yi (施靜沂), Weng Jia-Ying (翁嘉瑩), Chen Bo-Cheng (陳柏丞), Cai Xin-Lun (蔡欣倫)