In 2004, the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature (GITL) began admitting Master’s degree students and added a PhD program six years later, in 2010, while also serving as the undergraduate backbone for the interdisciplinary Program of Taiwan Studies. Nationally and internationally, our institute has thus developed into a place for the cultivation of professionals in teaching and researching Taiwan literature that incorporates the whole range of the educational system.

The backdrop of the birth of this institute was the growing nativization [Bentuhua; or Taiwanization] movement in the 1990s, a period characterized by strong demands of Taiwan’s society for a systemized Taiwan-centered knowledge that could withstand academic scrutiny. With the purpose of training diverse experts in the study of Taiwan literature and culture, the dimension of teaching and research includes, among others, critical and creative writing, cultural criticism, ethnic and folk cultures, performing arts as well as Taiwanese languages. This reflects our serious engagement with the multiple facets of Taiwan’s literature and social culture and the awareness of the subjectivities implied within.

Our institute conceives its educational mission as the furtherance of the study of Taiwanese humanities, while also emphasizing creative output and social practices. Concentrating on Taiwan’s literary and cultural experiences, both students and faculty of NTU alike recognize the power of transfer of local knowledge. The GITL offers courses with transnational qualities to augment the international reach of Taiwan literature, brings together the most recent trends of thought in theory seminars, and participates actively in the translation of knowledge and to promote academic output capabilities through creative research. We regard it as our responsibility to train professionals in teaching and researching Taiwan literature and to make this field become a pivotal interdisciplinary subject in the humanities.

Past & Present Directors of the Institute

1st term: Professor Chi-peng Ho(何寄澎)

(Aug 1, 2004–July 31, 2005)

2nd term: Professor Ching-ming Ko(柯慶明)

(Aug 1, 2005–July 31, 2008)

3rd term: Professor Chia-ling Mei(梅家玲)

(Aug 1, 2008–July 31, 2011)

4th term: Professor Shu-ling Hong(洪淑苓)

(Aug 1, 2011–July 31, 2014)

5th-6th terms: Professor Mei-er Huang(黃美娥)

(Aug 1, 2014–July 31, 2020)

7th term: Professor Wen-hsun Chang(張文薰)(Incumbent)

(Aug 1, 2020–present)