Taiwan Studies Program

About Taiwan Studies Program

After the lifting of Martial Law of Taiwan in 1987, the Nativist Movement has risen along with intellectuals’ growing interests in Taiwan Studies. Established in 2004 by the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at National Taiwan University, The Taiwan Studies Program echoes the ongoing historical current. In particular, the program provides diverse courses and rich resources of Taiwan studies, intersecting perspectives from different departments and institutions.

The courses are categorized into three subgroups:

  1. Art and Humanities: literature, linguistics, art, history, ethinic studies, gender studies, cultural studies, among others.
  2. Social Sciences: politics, economics, sociology, law, public policy, among others.
  3. Science and Technology: wnvironmental science, biology, agriculture, medical science, public health, among others.

Taiwan studies Program is an interdisciplinary program that provides great platforms on which students from different backgrounds are able to learn about Taiwan from various perspectives. While most classes are taught in Taiwanese Mandarin, the program also regularly provides English-medium courses and seminars.

Profiles of the Curriculum Committee


Director of Program


Research Interests


Chang Wen-hsun 


Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature

Taiwanese Literature During Japanese Occupation, Modern Japanese Literature and Taiwan


Second: Curriculum Committee


Research Interests


Wang Mei-hsia 


Professor, Department of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Indigenous Studies

Social Anthropology, Religious Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, Gender Studies, Taiwanese Austronesian Studies


Hu Jer-ming


Professor and Director of the Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Curator of the NTU Herbarium

Plant Systematics, Parasitic Plant Evolution, Plant Reproductive Biology, Ethnobotany


Chen Liang-chih 


Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning

Regional Economic Development, Industrial Upgrading of Newly Industrializing Countries, Economic Geography


Chien Shiuh-Shen 


Professor, Department of Geography and Director of the International Degree Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development

International Development and Cross Border Governance, Political Economics of Local and Regional Development, Critical Studies on Eco-cities in Post-Mao China


 Tseng Yen-fen


Professor, Department of Sociology

Transnational Migration, Ethnic Relationships, Economic Sociology


 Yen Hsin-Ju


Associate Professor, Department of History

Taiwanese History, Social and Cultural History of Japanese Colonies, Migration and Intercultural Contact in the Japanese Empire


Liao Yung-Chao


Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Joyce Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Monster Studies


Chang Li-hsuan 


Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature

History of Taiwanese Novels, Literary Theory and Taiwanese Literary Criticism, Digital Humanities