Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  1. This journal is edited and issued by the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at the National Taiwan University. We focus on research articles and book reviews pertaining to Taiwan literature and languages and publish our journal semiannually in February and in August. There is no designated submission period, i.e. manuscripts are reviewed as they are submitted, and we welcome papers both by international and Taiwan authors.
  1. We only accept works that have not been published previously and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. We process only one manuscript per author at one time.
  1. This journal accepts manuscripts written in Chinese, Japanese and English. The character limit for works written in Chinese and Japanese is 25,000, works written in English shall not exceed 50 pages with notes included and references excluded.
  1. The cover sheet of the submission should include the author’s name, affiliation, address, email address and telephone number. The manuscript itself should include—in the following order—the Chinese and English titles of the article, the Chinese and English abstracts (300 character limit for Chinese, 200 word limit for English), five Chinese and English keywords each, the main text, notes and references. For more information, please consult the Writing Guidelines of our journal. English written articles should conform to Chicago Manual of Style standards. The formatting of Japanese manuscripts should be in accordance with the conventional guidelines of Japanese academic writings. The manuscript itself must not contain any information regarding the identity of the author.
  1. References and citations of the submitted article should adhere to copyright regulations. In cases of doubt, the author should obtain permission by the original author or publishing company and assume legal liability. This journal does not bear copyright liabilities with regard to any reference or citation listed by the submitting author.
  1. Submissions must correspond to the formatting style of this journal. The editorial board will invite expert scholars to conduct anonymous reviews. Only after passing the review and obtaining the subsequent approval that the articles will be published.
  1. Authors whose manuscripts were accepted for publication must agree to authorize this journal to reauthorize personnel of the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature, the National Taiwan University or other databases to reproduce contents of the articles and to make them available online as well as to allow users to download, print or browse them (or any related actions). Authors will receive two copies of the current issue and several offprints of their article. There will be no other compensation.
  1. Unless there is written permission by this journal, any images or texts in this journal must not be reprinted, translated or republished.

Please send submissions by email (attached files in .doc format) to:

Please add the following subject: Manuscript Submission to NTU Studies in Taiwan Literature

Editorial Assistant: Chao Yung-Hsuan

Telephone: 02-33669560

Address: The Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Taiwan University

No.1, Sec.4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 10617

Attachment: Writing Guidelines for NTU Studies in Taiwan Literature