Congratulations for the publication of In Words We Thrive: The History of the Liberal Arts Publishing Industry in Taiwan by China Times Publishing Company, a project planned by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and edited by our institute’s Associate Professor Chang Li-Hsuan (張俐璇) ! The contributors include Su Shuo-Bin(蘇碩斌), Chang Wen-Hsun(張文薰), Lin Yueh-Hsien (林月先)and Tsai Yi-Chen(蔡易澄). This volume traces the history liberal arts publishing industry in Taiwan over the last hundred years.


Congratulations to our students for the outstanding achievement of receiving the 2023 Young Writer’s Reward by the Ministry of Culture. We seek to create a space where new forms of writing inspired by Taiwanese literature and history will flourish. Our faculty’s shared belief is that academic knowledge stimulates creative imagination, and reading and writing engage with the public and world in a meaning way.

112年度文化部青年創作獲獎勵名單: 本所畢業生:  案件名稱 申請人 《假面編輯部》二戰情報課間諜小說 林月先 《蝙蝠》短篇小說集創作計畫 鄭堪遠 《彗星再來時──台灣式愛滋》短篇小說集創作計畫 陳栢青 《船邸亡靈》非虛構寫作計畫 林安琪 長篇歷史小說《涉濤入夢》寫作計畫 盛浩偉  本所在學生:  案件名稱 申請人 《季娜依達》 陳蕾琪  112年文化部青年創作獎勵作業要點: 112年度文化部青年創作獲獎勵名單: