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Phone : 02-33664781
Education:Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, University of Georgia, USA
Fields of Research:Comparative Literature, Taiwan Literature, Film Studies, Ecocriticism, Translation Studies, Deleuzian Studies
Courses for Current Semester:Affect Studies
Phone : 02-33664784
Education:Ph.D. in Chinese literature, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Fields of Research:Interpretation of Southern Min Documents, Historical Linguistics, Philology and Interpretation of Classics, Studies in Original Characters

Courses for Current Semester: 

Email :
Phone : 02-33664781
Education:M.A. Sinology, University of Leuven, Belgium
Fields of Research: History of Chinese Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology, Indigenous Taiwanese Myths, Literatures and Cultures, Strange Tales of Liaozhai
Courses for Current Semester