VOL. 8

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Negotiating “Civilization”: Popular Fiction from Taiwan in the 1930s

─Taking Xu Kunquan’s and Lin Huikun’s Works as Examples

Lin, Pei-Yin

“Homeland”: A Narrative Study of Memory and Imagination─Exploring the Meishan Writings of CHOU Bunkan

Chang, Wen-Hsun

The Mobilized “Native Arts” Huang Deshi and the reformation of glove puppetry in the Pacific-War period

Shih, Wan-Shun

Imaginary Geography of a Homeless State: Contrasting Constructions of “Home Land” and “Foreign Land” in Taiwan’s Post-war Elementary Geography Education

Chang, Bi-Yu

“Wild Boy” and “Perfect Lad”: The Construction of Boyhood in Lu Pin Hua and A Huei De Xin

Wu, Mei-Ying

Vietnam, Taiwan, and France─Yin Ling’s Life Journey, Literature Creations, and Search for Subjects

Horng, Shu-ling