VOL. 7

Title of the article


A Chance Encounter of Imaginations

Yip, Wai-Lim

Exploring Painting-Calligraphy Activities and Art of Wang Shao-tao, Poet of the Ying Poetry Society during the Japanese Colonial Period

Yu, Mei-Ling

Comparing Nan She and Ying She’s Point of Views against New and Old Cultures─also discussing Xie Xue Yu’s self recognition establishment process

Wu, Yui-Chi

The National Language (Mandarin) Movement and Language and Literature Education in Early Post-War Taiwan─Taking Wei Jiangong and National Language (Mandarin) and Literature Education at National Taiwan University as a Focus of Study

Mei, Chia-Ling

Dramatic Modes and Symbolic Motifs in Hong Xingfu’s Short Stories

─Towards a Narratological Analysis

Shie, Elliott S.T.