VOL. 6

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Strange Bedfellows: The Entangled Relationship between Modernist Poetics and Nation-Rebuilding in Modern Chinese Poetry

Liao, Hsien-Hao

A Lyricism of Betrayal: The Enigma of Hu Lancheng

Wang, Der-W ei(David Wang)

The Modernism Characteristics of Selected Novels of Modern Literature

Kuo, Yuh-Wen

Reading Images─The Esthetics of Images in Eighteen Springs

Hung, Ying-Hsueh

On the [X khuã5 bãi6 le0] structure in Taiwan Sothern Min

Lin, Ying-Chin

Wu, Rui-Wen

The Transition in Language Uses in Taipei Within 30 Years─A Comparative Study of Language Investigation in 1978 and 2008

Chen, Shu-Chuan