VOL. 5

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The West at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: Cultural Landscape, Narrative Ethics and Knowledge Imagination in Popular Fictions in “Hanwen Taiwan Zi Zi Xin Pao

Huang ,Mei-E

New Frames for the Study of East Asian Modernist Literature: The Case of Taiwan

Sung-Sheng Yvonne Chang

The Explosive Power in the Period of “Directional Perspective”─The Poetics and Poetry of Wai-Lim Yip in Sixties

Yung, Man-Han

Prayers Dedicated to Goddess of Eternity─Discussion on the Realization of Arts and Self Actualization in “Tan Lang’s Letters” by Qi Deng Sheng

Hsiao, I-Ling

The Study of the Origins of the Legends of Panpingshan’s Formation in Kaohsiung

Peng, Yen-Lun

Three Etyma of Taiwan Southern Min

Wu, Rui-Wen

Grammatical and Semantic Properties of Deictic Terms in Li Jing Ji

Chen, Li-Hsueh