VOL. 10

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From “Daily Life” to the “Great East Asia War” The Body Consumption, the Topographic Representations and the Imagination of East Asia

Huang, Mei-E

Listening to the Gods’ Edifications: Ethical Dimensions of Taiwan Flying Phoenix Persuaded Rhapsodies

Liang, Shu-Yuan

Shimada’s Children? Manjirou in East Asia?─The Genealogy of Soji

Shimada in Taiwan Contemporary Mystery Novel

Chen, Kuo-Wei

On the Syntax Function and Rhetorical Effect of Di (底) in the “An Oxcart for Dowry” by Zhenhe Wang

Yang, Chin-Chi

On the Etymon of Prefix an35 of the Kinship Terminologies in Kin Men Southern Min and Related Issues

Tan, Jia-qi

Wu, Rui-wen