Curricular Structure

Our program offers a wide ranges of courses in Taiwan literary studies and related fields, including critical theories, Taiwan literary history, (sub)cultural studies, gender/sexuality studies, media studies, race and postcolonial studies, and creative writing workshops. Specifically, the courses offered in this program are divided into three groups:

1. General Knowledge/Core Curricula:

The core required courses are

A.  M.A. Program: “Topics in Taiwan Literary History” (6 credits), “Literary Theory and Research Methodology” (3 credits), and “Introduction to Taiwanese Languages” (3 credits)

B.  Ph.D. Program: “Taiwan Literary Studies: Archives and Bibliography” (3 credits) and “Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies of Taiwan” (3 credits)

Asides from the core requirements courses, the program also requires that students have linguistic command in two “foreign/research languages” other than their native language. Students may take additional, lower-level (undergraduate, upper-division, etc.) courses on each subject or language. [Non-domestic students whose first language is not Mandarin Chinese are allowed to choose Mandarin Chinese as one of the foreign languages.]

2. Theory:

The required course “Literary Theory and Research Methodology” provides a basic mapping of the field called “Theory” (with a capital T), and the program provides various selective courses, grouped as “critical theory.”

3. Topics:

The program provides a wide range of selective courses, whose topics range from Classical poetry and prose, literature in colonial Taiwan, comparative literature, historiography and literature, literature and religion to gender critique, spatial theories, and popular cultures. They are devided into five major areas:

A.  Literary History

B. Area Studies and Comparative Literature

C. Critical Thoery

D. Ethnnic Languages and Cultures

E. Creative Writing and Project Workshops

It should be noted that in addition to academic trainings in literary and cultural studies, the program also provides various resources on creative non-fiction writings and literary adaptations.

A.   Literary History

Topics on the History of Taiwan Literature I (3)

Taiwan Japanese Colonial Feature-length Novels (3)

Topics on the History of Taiwan Literature II (3)

Comparative Literary Studies of Literature from Taiwan and Japan (3)

Research Material and Historical Documents for Taiwan Literature (3)

Studies in Taiwan Literature and Society during Japan Colonial Period (2)

Taiwan Literature at The Dawn of The Postwar (3)

Seminar on Taiwan’s Popular Fiction of Japanese Colonial Period (3)

Memorial Materials and Taiwan Literature Study (3)

Seminar on Taiwan Novels (3)

Seminar on Realistic Fiction in Postwar Taiwan (3)

Seminar on Taiwan Literature and Religion (3)

Contemporary Taiwanese Postcolonial Fiction (3)

Contemporary Taiwanese Fiction (3)

Taiwan Modern Poetry (2)

Topics on Taiwan’s Modernism Fiction (2)

 Seminar on Modern Poetry Societies and Poets (3)


B.   Area Studies and Comparative Literature

Japan “foreign” Literature and Taiwan Literature (3)

The Relationship of Literature and Culture between Taiwan and Fujian (3)

The Study of East Asian Historical Novel (3)

Monograph on the Relationship of Taiwan and Hong Kong Literature (3)

The Island literature of Taiwan: Formosa, Kinmen, Penghu and other Islands (3)

Comparative of Taiwan Literature & Chinese Literature in (3)

Representing Japan in Taiwan Literature and Film (3)


C.   Critical Thoery

Seminar on City and Gender Studies (3)

Seminar on Theory of Culture and Society (3)

Themed Discussion (3)

Seminar on Sociology of Literature (3)

Theories and Methods of Literary Study (3)

Seminar on Cultural Theory (3)

Selected Readings in Subjectivity (3)

Taiwanese Plays and Cultural Studies (3)

Seminar in Taiwanese Queer Theater (3)

Selected Readings on Temporality and Spatiality (3)

Selected Readings in Feminist Theory (3)

Seminar on Contemporary Literary Thoughts (3)

Introduction to Monster Theory (3)


D.   Ethnnic Languages and Cultures

Introduction to Taiwan Languages (3)

Seminar on Taiwan Indigenous Images and Literature (3)

Indigenous Images and Literatures in Taiwan (3)

The Aborigine’s Eyes: From Being Seen to Seeing (3)

A Study of Indigenous Peoples’ Mythology and Rituals (3)

Topics on Taiwan Aboriginal Literature (3)

E.   Creative Writing and Project Workshops

Study of Historical Narrative and Practice (2)

Taiwan Literature and Knowledge Economy: From Research Papers to Products (3)

Seminar on Taiwan Literature Research Methods and Author Theory (3)

Digital Resources of Taiwanese Studies I (3)

Digital Resources of Taiwanese Studies II (3)

Literature Research and Writing Practice I (3)

Cultural Studies and Stage Writing (3)

Cultural Fields and Literary Production in Postwar Taiwan (3)

Research and Reculturation of Taiwan Literature (3)

Taiwan Novel Studies and Thesis Writing (3)

Taiwan Literary Studies and Creative Writing (3)

Place Perception and Knowledge Production (3)

Historical Materials and Fictional Narratives (3)